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    ARTIS Gallery has operated as a dealer gallery in Auckland, New Zealand, since 1984. A contemporary gallery with a strong exhibition focus, ARTIS represents a diverse range of leading New Zealand artists, many of whom have achieved international acclaim. 


    ARTIS is one of New Zealand’s leading sculpture galleries. Since 2017 we have been the host for MANZ (Medal Artists New Zealand) – and every two years ARTIS presents thirty sculptors in a March exhibition. Large scale works are exhibited on a plinth located outside the front entrance to the Gallery - this has been a permanent feature in Parnell since 2013.


    Situated beneath ARTIS is one of the largest private gallery stockrooms in New Zealand. This open plan viewing space – the Basement Gallery – gives all our artists the unique opportunity to show their works continuously.   

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    Terry Stringer - 'Model with Artist's Hands'

    110 x 38 cm on base 80 cm high base

    Terry Stringer is a leading New Zealand sculptor and a key figure in the history of art in New Zealand. Born in Cornwall, England in 1946, Stringer trained at Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland.  He graduated with Honours in 1967 and in the following years received virtually every significant scholarship and award available to New Zealand artists.  

    Working predominately in bronze, the majority of Stringer's sculptures depict figures and still-life subjects. Allusions to his interest in classical antique art and literature can be seen and influences of cubism are also displayed in the faceting and juxtaposition of form.
    Terry Stringer, Model with Artist’s Hands, 2017
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